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What is Game Ready and How Can it Help You?

Game Ready was invented to give professional athletes a better way to recover from injuries. Ice packs have become obsolete, and as more research has been conducted the effectiveness of traditional icing has lost its edge. More and more research is showing that ice and compression create the greatest effect in reducing pain, increasing recovery, reducing swelling and returning back to full function.
It was then a no brainer for Physio For Surgery to add it into our clinic to help you get better. If you are a visual learner below is a link to watch how Game Ready works.

In short Game ready delivers adjustable, intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) that mimics natural muscle contractions to “pump” edema (swelling) away from the injury area, stimulate blood flow, and enhance the therapeutic effects of cold therapy.

How Does it Work?

Iceless Cold

As low as 3°C. Deep penetrating, longer lasting cold that promotes vasoconstriction (stopping bleeding to help reduce swelling), safely relieve pain without narcotics following acute injury or surgery, and reduce metabolic demand, muscle spasms (pain) and inflammation.

Controllable Heat

Up to 45°C. Promotes vasodilation and increases circulation to the injured area (for a chronic injury that needs more blood flow like lower back pain), support the lymphatic system (the system that heals you), reduce pain and stiffness, and stimulate natural healing after injury or surgery.

Rapid Contrast

Changeover from cold to hot in less than one minute. Rapid Contrast Therapy (RTC) delivery alternately opens and constricts the vascular system in a targeted injury area to relieve pain and increase blood flow without causing additional swelling.

Active Compression

4 levels of compression that range from 5-75 mmHg. Patented intermittent pneumatic compression mimics natural muscle contractions to “pump” swelling away from the injury area, and helps conform the wraps to the body for better surface contact and more effective cold/heat therapy.

What can Game Ready do for you?

  • Decrease pain and swelling
  • Reduce pain pill consumption and earlier discontinuation of pain pills
  • Increase range of motion
  • Increase patient satisfaction in recovery process
  • Reduce joint and muscle stiffness
  • Decrease recovery time

Game ready can be used for every condition from an achy low back to a sprained ankle, post surgical knee, it even helps with migraines.

Give us a call to see how Game Ready can help you. Tel:16477990966


Nick Halkidis

Nick Halkidis

Nick has extensive experience treating high-performance athletes with pioneering treatment techniques and state-of-the-art equipment through his work with Baseball Canada and other sporting teams. But after six years working in Sports Medicine, Nick decided to move into private patient care to bring those same techniques and high-tech rehabilitation equipment to the weekend warriors, amateur athletes, and self-confessed couch potatoes in the GTA – because that’s where he can make the most significant difference.
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