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“We Make Fast Recovery and Pro-Level Performance After Surgery Possible for Every Body”

Sometimes, Preventing Surgery Altogether. So, You Can Stop Worrying And Focus on A Fit and Healthy Future

Watch this video to find out how Physio For Surgery gets better results - using advanced technology and 21st-century physiotherapy techniques that were previously only available to professional athletes.



Who Is Running the Show?

You or your body?

  • Are injuries or chronic pain dictating what you can and can’t do?
  • Are you anxious about surgery or what happens afterwards?
  • Missing out? Frustrated about losing your independence?

Physio For Surgery Helps You Take Back Control, Reduce Pain, And Potentially Prevent Surgery Altogether. Introducing Concierge Style Physiotherapy

Concierge Style Physiotherapy: what we do and how we are different? Everyone says they are different, I know. But at Physio For Surgery we offer Concierge Style Physiotherapy, not seen anywhere else. What does this mean?

  • Hands On Treatment: loosening your muscles, getting rid of knots and moving tight joints for the duration of your appointment (not just 5 minutes of work and electricity)
  • Full 1 hour assessments and 30 minute follow ups with your registered therapist, no cutting any corners using assistants or kinesiologists
  • All inclusive pricing; you will never be charged more for acupuncture, use of equipment, or any machines - whatever it takes to get you better, we will do it, no extra charge to you!
  • Use machines After Your Treatment - we do hands-on work for the 30 minutes you are here and use any machines after that. We believe in you paying for our time, not how long you sit on machines.
  • State of the Art Equipment - We house the Antigravity treadmill, Gameready Med4Elite and Blood Flow Restriction Therapy previously only seen in professional sports facilities.
  • Voted the #1 Physiotherapy Clinic in Markham 2022 and 2023 by Readers Choice Awards
  • Voted the #1 Massage Therapy Clinic in Markham 2023 by Readers Choice Awards
  • Able To Communicate In: Cantonese, Mandarin, French and English
  • Evening and Weekend Access To Our Team. We don’t leave you hanging! Have a question on the evening or weekend? Reach out to Nick and he’ll get back to you outside of clinic hours!
  • Honesty + Networking To Find Solutions To Your Problems: if we can't fix what's wrong with you, through our extensive network our promise to you is “If we can’t fix it, we’ll find you the person who can!” There is no winning formula for either of us if we try to fix something we can’t. We want to fix you as fast as possible, so you can go and tell all of your friends about us. That's how we grow. It's not getting you to come in for endless visits, it's what has made us so successful.

Want Help Deciding if Physiotherapy is Right For You?

Book A Free Consultation 

We’re so confident about the level of service we provide – the best in the Greater Toronto Area. You don't have to part with a dollar until you're satisfied that we're the right therapists to get you out of pain. Help you sail through (or avoid) surgery and support you back to full fitness health.

So, you can book a complimentary 30-minute consultation with one of our physiotherapists to find out more about what we do and how we do it. So, again, there is zero obligation and absolutely no cost to you.

We can do it over the phone on a Telephone Consultation. Or, you can come into the clinic for a Discovery Visit; View our facilities and 21st-century equipment, grab a coffee and chat with us face to face.

Whichever you choose – remember, you can and will get better – fast, with our support. So complete the form now to request an appointment – where we’ll answer all your questions and put your mind at ease

*Note: there is no treatment given at one of our discovery visits sessions. It’s for you to ask us more questions and for us to confirm whether or not we think we can help you.

Why Physio For Surgery Exists

Our story and why I opened the clinic: 

I got into working with patients after my injuries derailed me from my hockey career. I took an interest in the human body when I took an exercise physiology (now called kinesiology) course in grade 12. After taking that course I was accepted into the number one Kinesiology program in Canada (at the time) at York University where I went on to study Kinesiology and Athletic Therapy. In my final year at York I was awarded Student Athletic Therapist of the year, finishing at the top of my class.

In my final 2 months at York University I was accepted into Massage Therapy school at Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy where I received my degree in Massage Therapy. That same summer I wrote both of my national and provincial exams in Athletic Therapy and Massage Therapy. I passed both and received my official licenses to start treating patients! That same winter I was accepted into the prestigious McMaster contemporary medical acupuncture program where I received my acupuncture credentials.

I started working as an Athletic Therapist for a chronic pain clinic in Newmarket. I also was lucky enough to work with the Hamilton Tiger Cats. Both have been great opportunities but I knew I wanted to work in private patient care full time. I then started working for a Sports Medicine clinic in Markham and stayed there for 5 years. Through those 5 years I gained invaluable experience and will be forever grateful for it. I have worked with Canada Baseball, traveling internationally with them for various competitions, most recently world championships in Korea but had to put that on pause when I opened the clinic and had my first kid.

I opened Physio For Surgery to bring cutting edge technology to you, that was once available only to professional athletes. Physio For Surgery does not just say we are cutting edge or evidence based, we live and breathe it every day. From the Anti Gravity treadmill, to Game Ready Met 4 Elite and even Blood Flow Restriction, there is not one piece of technology missing to help our patients recover as fast as the pro’s.

My passion is to help others. I truly love to have great conversations with my patients and get to know their issues. I went so far as to open my own clinic strictly to give patients the best care they deserve. I will listen to my patients, explain injuries in words they can understand and ensure that before you leave my doors you have every question answered and feel fully confident that you are in the right place. Physio For Surgery offers free Wi-Fi and coffee and filtered water with every appointment and even snacks if you ask the right people!

In my free time I love to walk my dogs Valentino and Oli, play golf, watch football and experience life and explore the world with my wife and son. I am a sports fanatic who loves the human body and I have been fortunate enough to meet and now work with so many like minded people.

When I first opened the clinic everyone said staff is the hardest part, and I agree it is. But when you find the right people, like I have In Brandon, Lexi, Alex, Jasmine, Anjali and Chantal, it makes every bit of hard work and the blood, sweat and tears you put into work worth it. They are all amazing people as well as practitioners. You will see what I mean when you come into my clinic. It's easy for me to say, but once you are here, you and your body will be very happy you came in!

Physio For Surgery Clinic
Physio For Surgery Clinic
Physio For Surgery Clinic
Physio For Surgery Clinic

At Physio For Surgery, we make pro-level treatment accessible to you, so you can achieve all of your goals safer and sooner.

So you can get back on your bike, play tennis with your girlfriends or just beat your buddy at Golf again after surgery (or without surgery at all).

You don't even have to be a famous sports star or Olympic athlete.

Anything is possible with the right team behind you.

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About Nicholas Halkidis

Company Owner and Clinic Owner

Nicholas Halkidis is the founder at Physio For Surgery.

Nick is an Athletic Therapist, Registered Massage Therapist and Certified Medical Acupuncturist. He has worked with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Team Canada Rugby, and Team Canada Baseball’s Junior National Team.

Nick has extensive experience treating high-performance athletes with pioneering treatment techniques and state-of-the-art equipment through his work with Baseball Canada and other sporting teams. But after six years working in Sports Medicine, Nick decided to move into private patient care to bring those same techniques and high-tech rehabilitation equipment to the weekend warriors, amateur athletes, and self-confessed couch potatoes in the GTA – because that’s where he can make the most significant difference.

What Our Clients Say About Physio For Surgery

kirsten headshot


In her 40's, Markham

“After my hip surgery I started seeing Nick. I use his treadmill, which has been amazing because it can reduce the weight that I'm putting on my hips. I can learn to walk properly again, because I haven't walked pain-free in over two years. So that's been a great experience.”


In his 20's, Markham

“I tore my Achilles tendon over the course of the summer playing soccer. The biggest impact I noticed personally was hopping on the antigravity treadmill. This clinic is probably one of the most thorough. I feel like the results from here are top-notch and I feel like it's the best”

Anna Headshot


In her 30's, Toronto

“When I met with my surgeon to remove my cast the surgeon remarked to me that he felt my recovery process was further along than he thought I should be. It can be attributed to Nick and the work that we're doing here.”

Where Does It Hurt?

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