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How To Get Fit Faster After Surgery

With Futuristic Therapy

Except, it's not futuristic at all – it's available at Physio For Surgery now, and it's a no-brainer. I mean. Why wait months (hypothetically speaking: “on the bench”) when you can cut that time in half using cutting edge rehab equipment and modern physiotherapy techniques?

The techniques and technology we use originated in professional sport, but every body can benefit from the service we offer.

Whoever you are - Canadian football player, crazy golf champion or couch potato: “Aint nobody got time to sit on the sidelines and let life pass by, eh?”

Let’s get it done.

Anti-Gravity Treadmill

What is Anti-Gravity Treadmill?

Whenever you see football players and athletes working with a physiotherapist after an injury or surgery, you're likely to see them on an anti-gravity treadmill. But what does it do? Well, the clue is in the name "anti-gravity."

NASA initially developed the technology behind the system to help astronauts avoid the inevitable loss of muscle and bone mass when they're in space in a 'microgravity" environment.

Now, imagine you're running in space. Yes, that's precisely the sensation the anti-gravity treadmill delivers and allows you to do – to run without putting weight (or gravity) through your injured leg, foot, or ankle. So, the beauty of this machine is that when you're still at an early stage in recovery - only able to partially weight-bare, you can start working on your fitness and mobility. It also helps reduce the amount of pain you feel when exercising so soon after surgery.

As well as being revolutionary for post-surgery healing, it's an extraordinary experience. So if you’ve ever fancied yourself as an astronaut, now is your chance.

Game Ready Machine

What is the Game Ready Machine?

The Game Ready machine is a clever bit of kit that automates applying compression and cold therapy at the same time. So forget frozen peas and compression bandages. The Game Ready machine is the real deal. It’s great for injuries and aiding recovery after surgery. There's no mess from melting ice – and you don't have to waste endless bags of store-bought peas either. Instead, the Game Ready machine – designed in consultation with orthopedic doctors and surgeons - uses NASA spacesuit technology to control intermittent cold and compression therapy expertly.

The machine simultaneously uses cold water to remove heat from the treatment site and inflates with air to activate the compression element and apply pressure exactly where needed. These two things in tandem help reduce and prevent inflammation and swelling. In addition, they lower pain levels, and we can apply cold therapy and compression around the entire circumference of your leg, back, shoulder, or any other injured area which enables super-fast healing. It reduces pain and swelling, increases blood flow and oxygen delivery, improves lymphatic drainage, prevents edema and speeds up recovery.

Our game ready unit also has rapid contrast (hot and cold) so there are more benefits than just from the cold side.
Throw away your microwavable heat packs and peas, the heat is great for soothing muscles in your sore back. The contrast is the best part of this unit, the ability to expand (heat) and contract (cold) helps to get rid of swelling and ease aching joints, especially when you can't move them yourself.

Moving your joints creates a natural pump (which is why when you are healthy there is no swelling) but
when you can't move through a full range of motion you lose this ability so this contrast can help by reducing swelling or easing the aching joints even when you cant move them.

It's a game-changer.

BFR Therapy

What Is Blood Flow Restriction Therapy?

You might have overheard guys in the gym talking about blood flow restriction training (or vascular occlusion training). Walking around with strange “cuffs” on their arms or legs as their veins pop while they're grunting through heavyweight sets.

Don’t worry. We’re not going to have you do that.

In a professional physiotherapy setting, blood flow restriction therapy is a highly effective clinical rehabilitation – carried out under intense supervision. At Physio For Surgery, we use this technique to allow you to perform therapeutic exercises. At the same time, the pressure from a pneumonic cuff reduces the amount of blood flowing out of the relevant muscle. This reduction has significant benefits for you after surgery. First, it fools the body into thinking it is working hard – without putting pressure or stress on the tissues that are still recovering and unable to "load." Second, this technique increases your heart rate, activates fast-twitch muscle fibres and the body's release of exercise-induced growth hormone and lactate.

In essence, you can maintain and sometimes even build muscle mass and fitness levels. But, at the same time, you're unable to do high-intensity cardio training or "train legs."

With blood flow restriction training, a bodyweight squat is like squatting with a fully loaded bar. It’s great for arthritis, injuries, and post-surgery.

It’s another game changer - previously only available to athletes and pro sports players. Now available to every body at Physio For Surgery.