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My Back Hurts! Is It Sciatica? How To Ease Your Low Back Pain!

Back Pain

Do you wake up in the morning with a stiff low back? Can't sit at your desk because of your pain? Unable to bend over to pick things up? Worried that it's getting worse? Starting to lose your independence?

Recently I have been seeing WAY too many patients suffering needlessly from back pain. So, asa health care practitioner and someone who hates to see people in pain, I felt it was my duty to share some practical solutions to help you with your back pain..

There are many different types of low back pain and in this blog I will go through 3 OF THE MOST COMMON CAUSES AND SOLUTIONS TO LOW BACK PAIN. I will also explain what might be causing your low back pain and what you can do to alleviate it

1) Mechanical low back pain:

This is when you have pain that wraps around your lower back (sort of like if you're wearing a belt or strap of pain around your lower back). The pain doesn't necessarily stop you from living for life, but it never seems to go away and is very annoying! Typically this type of pain is caused when your lower back muscles are doing all the work and your butt muscles aren’t. The most common way to relieve this pain is by doing some glute bridges, pelvic tilts, and adding a touch of strength to your core (like doing the dead bug exercise). There is a link at the end of this article to download my full LOW BACK PAIN SOLUTIONS E-BOOK that will walk you through each exercise, step-by-step.

2) Sciatica or a Herniated Disc:

This is when you bend over and it feels like a lightning bolt of pain shot down your back and into your legs. This is commonly caused when you have done repetitive movements that require bending over (sometimes with weights or twisting motions) and your disc “slips” or pushes back onto the nerve which sends pain down your leg. This is typically relieved by doing extension exercises (explained in my E-Book) which help to slowly massage the disc back into its place.

3) Back Spasms:

This is the most common type of low back pain that I see with patients. Typically, these sessions start off with,“Nick I threw my back out! I can't move! Help!” Back spasms are usually caused by bending over to lift something up (like your kids) without proper form (e.g., using your back instead of your legs). So, it goes into a spasm because it can't take it anymore. This type of pain often sends patients to the emergency room where they are most likely given an x-ray, pain killers, and/or muscle relaxants. These may help ease some of the pain but they certainly do not fix the problem. But-never fear, this pain will go away! The one thing I would recommend to get instant relief is get a back brace (like the ones the movers wear). This will instantly take the stress off of your low back muscles that are in spasm and put it on the brace. There are also some gentle exercises I would recommend to alleviate some pain such as, gently laying on your back and bringing your knees to your chest to slowly release those low back muscles and the “windshield wipers” exercise which you can learn more about in my Low Back Pain Solutions E-Book linked below.


Back Pain Guide

I hope this blog clarifies some questions you may have about your low back pain and gives you some helpful solutions. If you have back pain that just won't go away, give me a call and I can see if I can help you! If I think I can, you can come in for a FREE Discovery Visit to see the clinic, and see all of the cool NEW equipment we have.

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Nick Halkidis

Nick Halkidis

Nick has extensive experience treating high-performance athletes with pioneering treatment techniques and state-of-the-art equipment through his work with Baseball Canada and other sporting teams. But after six years working in Sports Medicine, Nick decided to move into private patient care to bring those same techniques and high-tech rehabilitation equipment to the weekend warriors, amateur athletes, and self-confessed couch potatoes in the GTA – because that’s where he can make the most significant difference.
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