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Are you looking to get a custom brace for your ACL?

If so, look no further you are in the right spot.

At Physio For Surgery we work with patients who have torn their ACL and are on the long, frustrating, and confusing road to recovery. Never fear! We are here to guide you through this process. When you have an ACL tear you have 2 options: One you can choose NOT to do surgery, yes that's right you do NOT have to do surgery but this mainly depends on the stability of your knee. Can your knee be functional without an ACL? You will know this by rehabbing your knee and doing things that you used to do and seeing if you can do them (literally). if your knee doesn't give out and you are able to do what you want without your ACL then you do not need the surgery. This happens in about 20 % of the population who have torn their ACL. In this scenario you need the brace to allow you to do all of your activities (safely) and to help aid in retraining your knee how to move without the added support of an ACL.

If you elect to get surgery (most often the case) afterwards you will need a brace to support the healing of your ACL while also training to get back to your sport / activity. Although you will fully return to your activity 9 months after surgery you will still need to wear the brace. Why? Because the surgically repaired ACL actually takes 18 - 24 months to fully heal. You will still be able to return to your activity after 9 months however because the BRACE supports your new ACL and will not allow too much stress to be put on it. Although you can return to activity at 9 months the ACL has not fully sealed into your knee, so you will need a brace to return to sport ASAP.

If you are someone who has any questions on your ACL feel free to call Nick directly at 647 799 0966 and he will answer all of your questions for free.

IF you have any questions about the rehab of your ACL we have a whole section of our website dedicated to ACL Recovery.  

The Way it Works:

These braces are 100% covered by insurance companies, it will depend on your own insurance policy as to how much coverage you get but most of the time they are fully reimbursed.

In order to see how much coverage you get we will submit the invoice of your brace to your insurance company ahead of time, and then they will let you know how much coverage you get for the brace. Most of the time they cover 100% of the brace, if on the off chance they do not cover the full cost they will let you know how much coverage you do get. This way before you have to spend a single dollar you know exactly how much the insurance company will cover. THIS IS OUR RISK FREE GUARANTEE.

Once you have been approved for the brace, you will come in for your fitting appointment which is FREE where we will measure you on the spot and order it at the same time. No hassle to you, its as simple as 4 measurements, you are in and out.

The brace takes on average 5 - 8 business days to show up but we always put a rush on it and get it here in as little as 48 hours. We value your time!

Once the brace is in we will give you a call immediately and have another 30 minute session held for you to teach you exactly how to put the brace on. It wont take the full 30 minutes to teach you however, patients have a lot of questions and this is the perfect time to ask.

Or, Maybe You're Just Looking for Some Free Tips You Can Start Using Right Away?

Custom Knee Brace Guide

Download our FREE Guide: "5 Reasons Why You Must Have A Custom Knee Brace!"

To summarize included with your Custom Knee Brace at Physio For Surgery you will get:

  • The Invoice to submit to your insurance company to see how much coverage you get
  • A complimentary 30 minute “measuring” appointment with a physio to measure your knee and ask any questions
  • Prompt order and delivery of your brand new custom knee brace (we put a rush on it complimentary)
  • A high quality Brace Carrying Bag
  • Sports sleeve (we throw in as our gift to you… this is also mandatory to wear over your knee brace during sports) 
  • Replacement straps and pads that you may need as you use the brace over time.
  • Choose Any color you like (we’ll cover the cost)
  • Another complimentary 30 minute “fitting” appointment with a physio to teach you how to put the brace on and ask any questions you might have
  •  1 Year Free Resizing should you grow out of your brace
  • A Custom Knee Brace that TOM BRADY trusts! (he uses the same one for his knee)

All of this is included for a knee brace purchase with absolutely no extra charge… often times we are actually cheaper.

To find out more about cost and availability about our custom knee braces you can fill out this form and if you want information RIGHT NOW THEN CALL 647 799 0966 and we will get your knee brace on the way.

Here are Several Ways Patients Have Benefited From Using OUR Custom Knee Braces:

  • Play sports 100% pain free and with no risk of reinjury or reaggravating their knee injury
  • To stay healthy and continue to share amazing experiences with friends and family
  • Climb Mount Fuji
  • Hike in UNESCO heritage site
  • Sign a professional soccer contract
  • Compete in Cross fit events again
  • Confidence that their knee is secure and locked in place!
  • Regain and maintain their independence and freedom as quickly as possible to get back to the demands of life (driving kids around, crossing things off the honey ‘to do’ list etc…)
  • Do what they want, when they want! Because knee pain isn’t stopping them!

At Home Fitting:

In certain circumstances if you are unable to come to the clinic to get fitted we can offer at home fitting! Depending on how far you live we are happy to offer at home brace fitting if needed. Indicate on the form below where you prefer to get fitted.

About the Brace

Donjoy or DJO is the preferred bracing company that we and the NFL and many other professional organizations use.  Your brace is back by Donjoy’s Knee Guarantee Program™

  • Custom-made craftsmanship
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and hinges
  • Clinically-proven 4-Points-of-Leverage System™
  • Custom Fabricated
  • Custom Swooping Thigh Cuff for inner thigh clearance to maximize space (the brace will fit even if you have a brace you wear on the other knee aswell)  
  • Strong, lightweight carbon composite frame

If you need more information on the Brace check out this link:

If you are still uncertain, ask yourself:

  • What could this knee brace allow you to do?
  • What's your knee stopping you from doing right now?
  • What would your life look like if you had a fully functionally knee?

Fill out the form below and stop missing out and get back to living the life you deserve!